ISOCLEAN Cosmetic Sponge Cleaner

Research* found that in tests of all makeup tools, makeup
blenders contained the highest levels of potentially harmful
They are particularly prone to contamination as they’re generally
left damp after use, which creates a fertile breeding ground for
harmful bacteria and fungi.
The research also highlighted that 93% of beauty blenders have
never been cleaned!
Contact with a contaminated blender could cause illnesses,
ranging from skin infections to blood poisoning, but could
prove particularly serious for people with compromised
immune systems.
Don’t risk your skin or your health.
ISOCLEAN Cosmetic Sponge Cleaner provides thorough, deep cleansing
for your beauty blenders and cosmetic sponges. Anti-microbial,
quick and easy to use, it rids your sponge tools of harmful
micro-organisms for safe, contamination-free application.
* Dr. Amreen Bashir and Professor Peter Lambert of Aston University’s
School of Life and Health Sciences.

Kills 99.99% Viruses & Bacteria

Gentle On Your Skin

Fast Drying
Tested to Meet EN Standards
Bleach Free