ISOCLEAN Ultimate Kit


Our Ultimate Kit includes a printed, framed certificate in a quality A4 certificate frame with black trim. It also includes our stainless-steel makeup palette and knife set and our portfolio of cosmetic hygiene products.

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The ISOCLEAN Ultimate Kit Includes

ISOCLEAN Cosmetic Hygiene Course Certificate – Framed
ISOCLEAN Mirror & Window Sticker 125mm
ISOCLEAN Professional Brush Cleaner (Spray Top) 500ml
ISOCLEAN Professional Brush Sanitiser (Pour Top) 500ml
ISOCLEAN Biocidal Surface Cleaner 500ml
ISOCLEAN Carbon Brush Soap
ISOCLEAN Makeup Mixing Pallet – Stainless Steel
ISOCLEAN Organic Cotton Buds x50
ISOCLEAN Mascara Wands x50
ISOCLEAN Lip Gloss Applicator x50
ISOCLEAN Eyeliner Applicator x50
ISOCLEAN Moisturising Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml
ISOCLEAN Professional Makeup Sanitiser 500ml
ISOCLEAN Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener


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