MYISO Essentials + Eco Refills


ISOCLEAN – experts in cosmetic hygiene – have teamed up with the industry’s leading brand for makeup tools & accessories – MYKITCO – to create “My Iso Essentials’.

‘MYISO Essentials’ provides the perfect blend of tools and education to ensure the highest standards of hygienic performance required for the new “normal”.


  • MYISO Hygiene kit bag
  • MYISO Acrylic makeup pallet
  • MYISO Cosmetic pencil sharpener
  • MYISO 250ml Biocidal surface cleaner
  • MYISO 250ml makeup brush cleaner
  • MYISO 50ml Moisturising hand sanitiser
  • MYISO Hygienic wallet containing 20x Biodegradable lip applicators
  • MYISO Hygienic wallet containing 20x Biodegradable mascara wands
  • MYISO Hygienic wallet containing 20x Biodegradable eye liners

+ 500ml Makeup brush cleaner refill

+ 500ml Biocidal surface cleaner refill

+ 500ml Moisturising hand sanitiser refill

+ 80x Biodegradable lip applicators

+ 80x Biodegradable mascara wands

+ 80x Biodegradable eye liners

+ 1x free Educational course entry!






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