Alice purchased ISOCLEAN after a friend recommended the product – but after only a few days, she started to notice something more than clean, soft brushes.

We’re told that our skin troubles are due to ‘hormones’, or ‘it’s just your age’ but after suffering with acne for over seven years I felt I had tried every potion, tablet, cream, some which burnt my skin so badly and visited a number of doctors, but still my spots always came back.

My answer was to get out my makeup bag and conceal, which didn’t allow my skin to breath or clear up and made my spots look even worse. But I had no choice, I didn’t feel comfortable without makeup on.

So you can imagine my happiness when after using ISOCLEAN my makeup brushes were not only looking and feeling brand new and my makeup was going on beautifully, it was like I’d purchased a brand new set, but also I noticed that after a few days my spots weren’t as red and some had disappeared completely. I pondered over the new thing I was trying that week to help improve my skin and soon realised the only difference in my routine had been cleaning my makeup brushes with ISOCLEAN. I was amazed that a makeup brush cleaner could help my skin so much. I looked online and was horrified at the bacteria and infectious diseases that live on our makeup brushes!

“I was amazed that a makeup brush cleaner could help my skin so much.”

What I realised is that I had been cleaning my face twice daily to remove spots causing bacteria only to reapply that same bacteria to my face with my dirty brushes!

Two weeks passed and my friends and family started commenting on how my skin was looking so much ‘clearer’ and ‘fresher’. Four weeks into my ISOCLEAN brush cleaner routine and my skin was probably 80% better than it has been for years. I even go to work some days with just a hint of blusher, my confidence has grown amazingly. And to think a months ago, I lent my contour brush to a girl sharing a mirror on a night out!

If you’re struggling with bad skin, could your makeup brushes could be the cause, you wouldn’t paint a wall with a dirty paint brush, so why would you paint your face with dirty brushes?

Thank you ISOCLEAN, you’ve changed my life by completely transforming my skin!

DR. Marisa Garshick MD FAAD

As a dermatologist, I am always treating patients for breakouts and skin irritation. When treating acne, it is important to consider the different causes of breakouts, including sebum production, hyperkeratinization of the hair follicle, inflammation and bacteria, specifically the acne-causing bacteria Cutibacterium acnes (formerly known as Propionibacterium acnes).

“Makeup brushes may actually be contributing to your acne”

Makeup brushes may actually be contributing to your acne as your makeup brushes can accumulate excess oil, dirt and debris and can become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and more. In fact, one study found that makeup brushes and other makeup applicators contain high levels of the acne causing bacteria, C. Acnes. 2 Furthermore, another study showed that of 12 makeup brushes tested, 11 were found to be dirtier than your average toilet seat.

“70% of women admitted they had never cleaned their makeup brush”

When questioned 70% of women admitted they had never cleaned their makeup brush.

Another survey study showed that 61% of women who use makeup brushes clean them less than once per month or not at all. 6 Even without appearing dirty to the naked eye, makeup brushes accumulate a lot of bacteria, dirt and buildup that can contribute to breakouts and skin irritation. As dirty makeup brushes can also cause skin irritation, using dirty makeup brushes may also contribute to breakouts by making it harder to tolerate acne treatments. Therefore, using a dirty makeup brush on a daily basis can reduce the potential efficacy of products being used to clear the skin. This can be a key reason why for some people their acne may not be improving, despite using acne-fighting treatment.

“It can definitely help and is an important piece of an acne-fighting treatment plan”

While cleaning your brushes may not be the only thing that will cure your acne, it can definitely help and is an important piece of an acne-fighting treatment plan. We know there are many factors that contribute to acne, including stress, diet, hormones and other environmental factors, and while there are many treatments available to improve it, cleaning your brushes is an essential step to take to achieve clearer skin.

ISOCLEAN offers a great way to make cleaning your brushes simple, easy and effective and as a result, is important to incorporate into any skincare regimen. Using alcohol, ISOCLEAN helps to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, while still being gentle on the skin.

Additionally, it is quick drying, making it convenient to use. Whether dealing with breakouts or not, it is important to remember to clean your brushes and ISOCLEAN can help.

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